Friends, the brand book is open for use. You can make souvenirs, advertise, create travel products in this concept which is reflected in the presentation. Our only requirement is compliance.

It is necessary to unite that the look of region was represented as it should be! We are glad to cooperate in achieving a common goal!

Presentation and use of the logo :

Brand book

Replies to letters and appeals you receive from the site do not have the status of an official document. They cannot be published in the media or used in the form of references as an official response, because, according to the legislation of Ukraine, only those documents that are received in writing are considered official.

Letters of a personal nature that need to be considered in state institutions of Ukraine must be executed in the manner prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Appeals".

LAW OF UKRAINE "On Citizens' Appeals". Article 5. Requirements to the address.

Appeals are addressed to public authorities and local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of ownership, associations of citizens or officials, whose powers include the resolution of issues raised in the appeals. The application must indicate the surname, name, patronymic, place of residence of the citizen, the essence of the issue, comments, suggestions, statements or complaints, requests or requests… Written application must be signed by the applicant (applicants) indicating the date... "